Anxiety Counseling

Do you experience intense fears? Feel out of control? Suffer from panic attacks … obsessive thinking … or compulsive behavior?

You are not alone!  Approximately 18% to 20% of the public suffer from disabling fears, panic attacks and chronic anxiety.

Anxiety problems are caused by several factors which can be inter-related:

  • Long term causes: heredity, childhood trauma and chronic stress
  • Biological causes: metabolic and chemical imbalances in the brain or body
  • Chemical causes: abuse of alcohol, marijuana and other controlled or prescription drugs.
  • Situational causes: major personal losses due to death or divorce; threats to personal or financial security due to significant life changes; and, being reminded of past emotional traumas.

At Aspen Counseling Center we use a comprehensive approach to treat anxiety by first obtaining the necessary information to identify the basic causes of the problem. 

We design an individual treatment plan to teach specific strategies for coping with and overcoming the reoccurring fear and anxiety.  

We also teach an enduring and easy method for systematically relaxing your body and mind which can be used at work, home or while traveling to lower the probability of recurring anxiety or distress!!!