Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Uncontrolled use of alcohol and drugs produces untold damage to relationships and careers as well as to a stable, productive lifestyle and personal dreams.  It is a toxicity that distorts our vision and purpose and creates an insidious delusion … a self-delusion of ‘no consequences’ … that it is having no ‘real’ or significant effect on life.  It is the delusion involving denial of your own reality!  A reality that is full of situations and circumstances that reveal the truth … poor judgment, impulsive behavior, uncontrolled anger and a lost and lonely path of failed attempts at self-control.  Have the courage to explore your options in our outpatient alcohol treatment program to help you set reasonable and attainable life goals.

Anger Management and Mastery

Anger is the ‘Great Distorter’!  Which means that anger will warp, distort, twist, inflame, magnify, and catastrophize any fact, view, attitude, perspective or any belief that can be held by another human being.  Explosive anger is a destructive ‘lightning strike’ that leaves fear, intimidation, conflict and distrust in its wake.  The impact of explosive anger is the erosion of respect from others, as well as, leading to increased family conflict and destroyed relationships.

Systematic Stress Reduction

Stress is a daily fact of life that cannot be avoided.  Almost every day we are confronted with a constant barrage of potentially stressful experiences that arise when we are required to cope with the changes, demands or expectations in our family, work and/or social interactions.  It is, however, the manner in which we perceive and handle our stressors that ultimately determines the short- and long-term impact that stress will have in our lives. Stress reduction is essential because chronic stress has a significant negative impact on physical health, emotional stability and work performance.