Depression Counseling

Depression is a human experience that has existed since the beginning of recorded history. It is a condition that influences your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions of yourself. Depression affects the way you eat and sleep ... the way you view the past and the future ... and your perception of reality. Depression frequently has devastating effects on your family, friends, occupation and health!


Depression effects your energy level (you have none!), literally sapping the energy to meet work or family demands. It causes you to avoid pleasurable activities, interactions with friends and family, regular exercise, and sexual intimacy. Depression also results in your inability to control intense moods of sadness or anger due to strong patterns of negative thinking.

Without treatment, a depressed person may experience unpredictable emotional outbursts, self-defeating thoughts and engage in self-destructive behavior.


Depression is more responsive to therapy than many other major emotional problems. Research indicates that the majority of clients who receive treatment experience significant recovery from their symptoms. It is important to evaluate and understand each person's family, medical and personal history to accurately identify the safest treatment strategy with the best possibility of success.

Aspen Counseling Center provides a comprehensive treatment approach based on cognitive and cognitive-behavioral principles and procedures. We work closely with other health care providers to provide the best treatment possible in all areas of physical, emotional and spiritual health.