Anger Management and Mastery

Anger is the ‘Great Distorter’!  Which means that anger will warp, distort, twist, inflame, magnify, and catastrophize  any fact, view, attitude, perspective or any belief that can be held by another human being.  Explosive anger is a destructive ‘lightning strike’ that leaves fear, intimidation, conflict and distrust in its wake.  The impact of explosive anger is the erosion of respect from others, as well as, leading to increased family conflict and destroyed relationships.  It is important to realize that we commonly deny our anger issues and our awareness of its destructive results are blunted.  It frequently takes a friend, family member or a work colleague to raise our level of awareness of its destructive effects.  It is important to know that you can learn to control a pattern of destructive anger.  You simply need the desire … Unmanaged anger can lead to ragethe motivation … and the awareness of the damage anger is causing in your life.  Make a decision to control your anger and not to allow it to control you!  Make a decision to stop the destructive results of anger on your life and those you love. 

The Anger Mastery program is a highly structured therapeutic program focused on increasing the ability to control or moderate previously unmanageable or rageful behaviors. Occasional moderate anger is common and generally nondestructive. Chronic high levels of anger are, however, potentially highly destructive emotions that can cause internal damage to the body (heart, digestion, insomnia) and irreparable interpersonal damage to relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

The purpose and focus of the Anger Mastery program is to reduce the level of suffering experienced by the person experiencing chronic anger and to repair and sustain the important relationships that have been affected by highly destructive anger.

Anger Destroys RelationshipsThe cost of destructive, chronic anger over a lifetime is immeasurable. The costs must include the significant contribution of anger to medical problems such as hypertension, heart disease and increased mortality rates. The costs are more vividly felt in the intense emotional suffering experienced when anger and hostility contribute to the damage and destruction of interpersonal relationships with spouses, children, parents and others in our life.

Anger Mastery Program

  • Assessment of the range, intensity, and frequency of anger issues
  • Clinical interview identifying history and nature of anger issues
  • Understanding and coping with your Anger
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions to address the fundamentals of the anger response, including:
    • Physiological factors
    • Neurological factors
    • Psychological factors
  • Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and intervention techniques
  • Mind body awareness training
  • Clinical relaxation and stress reduction training
  • Advanced clinical relaxation and stress reduction training
  • Program specific readings to support the goals of treatment and assist in preventing relapse
  • Lifestyle enrichment training


Program Duration

Resolve Anger Through Peace and LoveThe Anger Mastery program is a 6 to 9 month therapeutic program designed to provide the awareness, motivation and life changing experiences to change the destructive pattern of anger in your life. The program is designed around the specific and unique needs and problems of each individual; therefore, people move through the program with different focuses and speed.

Program Fees

Fees for the Anger Mastery program are generally private pay. Sessions are billed at $90 for 45 minute sessions and $120 for 60 minute sessions.

Insurance benefits and their co-pay may be utilized by those individuals who are unable to afford the out of pocket expenses of the Program. If you're near Littleton and need an anger management program, call the office (303-756-5400) to discuss the specifics of your insurance plan and whether there is space available in the program.