Dr. Gary L. Coats, Ph.D. Program Overview

· 30 years experience · Ph.D. in Psychology · Licensed in Colorado

With over 30 years of professional experience, I have gained a wealth of knowledge to help people gain control of their addictions, anxiety, depression and explosive anger. The initial goal in therapy is to rapidly identify the source of the problem and then create a treatment approach with healing and lasting solutions. This is therapy to discover and build on your basic strengths. Good therapy that can lead to deeper understanding and meaningful growth. The ultimate goal of therapy is to be an enjoyable, transforming, and fascinating process that leads to healthy choices and a new lease on life.

I enjoy creating a compassionate and respectful relationship with a commitment to helping you overcome your personal issues and roadblocks. Therapy is provided for major depression and anxiety problems. Treatment program services are available in: Alcohol and Drug Addiction; Anger Mastery; and, Relaxation and Stress Reduction Training.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment And Prevention Program

Uncontrolled use of alcohol and drugs produces untold damage to relationships and careers as well as to a stable, productive lifestyle and personal dreams. It is a toxicity that distorts our vision and purpose and creates an insidious delusion….a self-delusion of ‘no consequences’…that it is having no ‘real’ or significant effect on my life. It is the delusion involving denial of your own reality! A reality which is full of situations and circumstances that reveal the truth….poor judgment, impulsive behavior, uncontrolled anger and a lost and lonely path of failed attempts at self-control. Have the courage to explore your options in our outpatient alcohol treatment program to help you set reasonable and attainable life goals.

Anger Mastery: Wisdom for Cooling The Flames

Anger is the ‘Great Distorter’! Which mean that anger will warp, distort, twist, inflame, magnify, and catastrophize any fact, view, attitude, perspective or any belief that can be held by another human being. Explosive anger is a destructive ‘lightning strike’ that leaves fear, intimidation, conflict and distrust in its wake. The impact of explosive anger is the erosion of respect from others, as well as, leading to increased family conflict and destroyed relationships. It is important to realize that we commonly deny our anger issues and our awareness of its destructive results are blunted. It frequently takes a friend, family member or a work colleague to raise our level of awareness of its destructive effects. It is important to know that you can learn to control a pattern of destructive anger. You simply need the desire… the motivation…and the awareness of the damage anger is causing in your life. Make a decision to control your anger and not to allow it to control you! Make a decision to stop the destructive results of anger on your life and those you love.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction Training: A Healthy Lifestyles Program

Stress is a daily fact of life. It cannot be avoided. Almost every day we are presented with a continuous stream of potentially stressful experiences. We experience such stress when we are required to adjust to the changes (demands and expectations) in our family, work, and social experiences. It is, however, the manner in which we perceive our stressors that ultimately determines the impact that stress will have in our life. It is critically important to learn to manage one’s stress due to the negative consequences of chronic stress on the body, emotional stability, and work performance. You can learn to manage and reduce your level of stress so that it does not negatively impact your family, work performance, sleep, or your health.

You may call the office to schedule an appointment if it appears like our services may be helpful to you or a member of your family. I would be happy to discuss your specific experiences or problems in great detail and offer professional support and guidance where necessary.